Sunday, 31 July 2011


Today we will show how to do "BAMBOO SOUP ESAN STYLE"..remember we already show how to do the "Bamboo shoot salad",the balance of the bamboo you can do this authentic soup...

   Bamboo Shoot              Cut to slice

Bring to boil..after boiled, drain water and put a side.

Souk sticky rice about 20minutes..then add sticky rice in mortar and pound with pestle...


ingredients for soup..we have mushroom, lemongrass, thai green chillies, red chillies and "terung hutan"

boil stock and lemongrass
                                           add bamboo,thai green chillies and mushroom

mixed well......

add sticky rice thickening paste..
 bring to boil..keep can add "budu" or salted fish for better taste..


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Som Tam (Papaya Salad)

Som Tam or Papaya Salad is a very common dish in Thailand. We will show you step by step and hope you can do it at home. Enjoy..!!

you'll need this...papaya, garlic, thai chillies, long bean, lime, 
tomato, dried shrimp, fish sauce and palm sugar.

Get a green papaya...prepare the papaya by peeling the dark green skin


hold it in your hand and smack it lengthwise until you've shredded it..then cut thinly

using a clay mortar and pestle,
 pound garlic and chillies.

                                                now add papaya and roasted peanut

                           add some long bean as they help                        squeeze a lime juice
                            to taper the heat of the chillies

add the tomato, chopped into pieces..dried shrimp together...


mix together with palm sugar and fish sauce..

pound more and make sure everything is mixed well..pound more
the taste should be sweet with tones of spicy, sour and salty

mmmm.....yummyyyyy    sap!
now you can do it at home..we serve it in our restaurant also..

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bamboo Shoot Yum ( Thai Salad)

Wowww!!! you cannot miss this...a very interesting dishes..
This is a traditional E San dish known in the west as Bamboo Shoot Salad,
it's not as popular as Som Tam(papaya salad) but tastes great served with sticky rice !
Bamboo Shoot Salad..( thai style ya..)
 ' Soop Naw Mai '

 Never seen this before???..well this is bamboo shoot..or 'rebung'

Place bamboo shoot onto fire ..


finish product...putih berseri

The shoot was partially shredded

 shredded bamboo shoot

 Boil the shredded bamboo shoot . Remove of heat after boiling.

meanwhile , we prepare for others ingredients such as ground toasted rice and chilli, onion & garlic.
place chilli, onion & garlic onto aluminium foil.

place all the ingredients in mortar and pestle...pounds well.

add shredded bamboo shoot and fish salted sauce or "budu".

add  seasoning,fish sauce, lime juice, onion leaves, coriander leaves and salt. continue mix on serving plate..

serve with long bean and thai eggplant....mmmmm...yummmmy

 ' Soop Naw Mai'


happy cooking!

(this dishes is not in our menu list ya! ;))