Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Today recipe is our famous "E San Crispy Rice". Cripsy outside, soft inside...well, have a look yaa..

Place rice, seasoning, fish sauce and ESan thai curry paste.

Stir all together....gaul rata-rata ok..:))

Yaaa....our chef, original from Thailand..;)) Chef Phongphisit...

Now, as you can see, our chef is wearing disposable hand gloves..
jaga kebersihan 

Haaa..wait aa....see more we make a "rice ball"..get it??

"Rice ball" is ready to be fry..fry in deep fryer...
how many ball do you get??

 Mmmmm.....frying process...fry until golden brown

 Mmmmm...golden brown..yum.yum..!!

You can mixed chicken or prawn our shop we serve with prawn..

 Place onion leaves and coriander leaves together. 
Add 1 teaspoon of lime juice & fish sauce.

 Ok, we mixed well..(lanyak kuat-kuat)

 Taraaa!!!!!  our signature dish "Crispy Rice" is ready to serve..

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