Monday, 11 July 2011

What is E San ?

E San   ( pronounced “ee-sahn” )  also  spelled   “Esan”,   “Esarn”,   "Esahn", "Isarn" and “Isan”.    This is because there is no standardized phonetic system in Thailand. E San   is the name used to describe the   " North Eastern province " of  Thailand  bordered to the North  by  the Mekong River and Laos and to the South by Cambodia. E San’s  culture  is  predominantly Lao,  and  has  much  in  common with  that  of  the neighboring country of Laos. The region  has distinct  landscape  and  has  managed  to  preserve its rural  custom and offers a fascinating taste of traditional Thai life. The E San  area  is one of   Thailand’s  poorest regions.  Agriculture is the main economic activity. Though   the   region  is  a  dry  plateau,  which  makes  planting  crops difficult the people have learned to survive  in  this  rugged  environment. E San   food  is  distinct  from  Thai   and   Lao   cuisines,  but  has  elements in common with  each  other. The most obvious characteristics  are  the  use  of   "Sticky Rice"  rather   than plain rice as well  as  plenty  fiery  chilies. E San    people  have  a  taste   for   delicious,   spicy,    and   sometimes   bizarre   foods.    They   like   food highly  seasoned  and  regional  specialties   like   “Larb”,    made   with   spicy   minced   meat   or   chicken  and "Khai Yang"  (BBQ Chicken).  Meat   is   often   scarce   in   villages    and   fresh water    fish    and    shrimp    are the    principal   source   of   protein  sometime cooked with herbs, spices and sometime fermented.

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