Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hii....sorry for not able to update this blog recently..but today we will show you how to make our sellable menu

" Homemade Thai Fish Cake"

"Homemade Thai Fish Cake"


We'll need :
500gm of Fish meat, 1 tbsp Fish Sauce,1 tbsp  Sugar,  
3 Kaffir Lime Leave (finely chopped ),
Snow Peas (finely chopped )
and 1 tbsp our homemade Red Curry Paste.


Chop Kaffir lime leave and Snow Peas..Place Fish Meat and others ingredients together...

The best Thai fish cake must be well seasoned and have firm bouncy texture..
Mixed well..

start bouncing..the more you bounce the result will be better..

finally done..sticky paste..get a bowl of plain water and place it close to you. You will need it as the fish cake paste is very even cannot use a disposable glove to form the fish cake..Your hand need to be wet..

   with your wet hands form it into round flat disk


Fry it into hot oil until golden brown

"Homemade Thai Fish Cake"

Fish Cake Sauce:
1/2 cup white vinegar
3 tbsp Sugar
1/2 tbsp salt
Fresh Chilies - slice
Cucumber - thinly sliced
Roasted Peanut - pounded

Mixed Vinegar, Sugar and Salt and bring to boil..put aside and let it cool
When it's completely cool, mixed chilies, cucumber and peanut..let it pickled before serving.. 

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Good morning friends....have you ever eat our green curry chicken or beef?..if you have, we're sure that you will search for the recipe right?? Today we will show you our secret recipe for our green curry..

(choice of chicken & beef)


   fresh chicken (400gm)          thai palm sugar (1 1/2tbsp)  
             fresh coconut milk                  fish sauce...(1 1/2tbsp)
                    (2 1/2cup)                  Tiparos fish sauce - available in our shop

brinjal, thai basil leave, kaffir lime leaves, thai eggplant, red chillies

and of course our 
E San homemade green curry paste
this green curry paste we've made is ourselves from fresh herbs and preservative  yaa...! Available at E San Thai Kitchen 

Saute the green curry paste in medium heat oil..untill fragrant..stir slowly

add in coconut milk a little at a time...keep can see a film of green oil surface later...mmmm..smell good

add the chicken and continue stirring...until the chicken cooked through.

add the fish sauce and palm sugar..add in remaining coconut milk

  add brinjal and thai eggplant until cook...then add thai basil leave, 
kaffir lime leaves, and red chillies.Taste test and sap!sap!sap!..mmmm yummy!     

also available
(choice of chicken & beef)
halal yaa!


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pandan Chicken

 Hiii....dear you try out our recipe ?? we will show you how to do Pandan Chicken...nice yaa...

We need to marinated chicken thigh with all the ingredients below:
Coriander roots (akar daun ketumbar) Garlic + Pepper = pounded
(1 tsp each)
Light Soy Sauce + Chilli Sauce + Seasoning Sauce 
(2 tsp each)
for 200gm chicken

marinated chicken thigh
We will show step-by-step how to fold the chicken pandan leaves..enjoy!!





pandan chicken ready to deep fry...

PANDAN CHICKEN with dipping sauce

For Dipping sauce you'll need:

sweet black soy sauce
plain water
white & black sesame
(mixed all together)

-Enjoy & Happy cooking-

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ramadan al Mubarak

Wishing all our muslim friends Ramadan al Mubarak..

Call us for "Buka Puasa" reservation....

Monday, 1 August 2011


in a bowl, mixed your preferred seasoning and coat thoroughly the meat..cover and refrigerate for 6 hours....use Ribeye beef meat for good result.

broil to desired doneness


we do a smaller version of our E San Crispy Rice to serve with the Rib Eye steak..looks good, right!! then we do our own can make your own choice of salad and yummmmyyy!!!

Rib Eye Steak with E San Crispy Rice and salad....taste good!!