Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pandan Chicken

 Hiii....dear you try out our recipe ?? we will show you how to do Pandan Chicken...nice yaa...

We need to marinated chicken thigh with all the ingredients below:
Coriander roots (akar daun ketumbar) Garlic + Pepper = pounded
(1 tsp each)
Light Soy Sauce + Chilli Sauce + Seasoning Sauce 
(2 tsp each)
for 200gm chicken

marinated chicken thigh
We will show step-by-step how to fold the chicken pandan leaves..enjoy!!





pandan chicken ready to deep fry...

PANDAN CHICKEN with dipping sauce

For Dipping sauce you'll need:

sweet black soy sauce
plain water
white & black sesame
(mixed all together)

-Enjoy & Happy cooking-

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